Saturday, 9 July 2011

Right Here, Right Now

What am I ? Who am I ? What's my name ... How will people remember me... What do people remember me for...
oh you know that Korean girl, the adopted one... who doesn't know Korean...

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I heard the other day that England is launching a lottery were you can win fertlility (IVF) treatments... I think you all know what I personally feel about that. A child isn't an item, it's new innocent life. A child can never be compared to a fancy car , a posh house or thousands of $ or £. Imagine what that parent later would have to tell that child:

You weren't planned, you were a lottery prize... !!???What !? (Hopefully no parent would actually say this out load, but then again you never know.)

Has the world really gone to such drastic measures and what about the infertil and childless couples that desperatly signs on to win a ticket. In real lotteries the likelihood of a win isn't that high, so what are the chances going to be to win in this kind of lottery and what about second and third price, what would that be ?

Last month a new law was passed to enforce change in the infamous Korean overseas adoption, it's certainly about time... Korean Society (and the world) has changed and developed in so many instances since the 1950s yet they still lack far behind on others. One of those would be the continued practice of Korean overseas adoptions.. but since Korea will host 2018 Winter Olympics in less then 10 years I suppose they really will try to make a bigger effort this time. One could only hope I guess...

But has time really changed Korea that much ? Are they ready to start supporting their own orphans, infants and children?

As many of you might remember (South) Korea has already tried to implement a similar law years before. That time they seemed more concerned with ending international adoptions, which in the end didn't work out.

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  1. I am keeping my mind open because I really want to believe that Korea will do what it needs to this time.

  2. @ Sunday Koffron yes I know !
    @ Margie, if only more prople would try to keep an open mind. BTW, I like your blogs (both of them).