Monday, 11 July 2011

How Did I Get Here, How Did It All Start

If you want to know about my life and journey so far  then I advice you to read this page.

You'll basically get to know everything you need to know up until now... I'm not in the mood of repeting myself (yet again).

Do comment if you feel like it but please read this before you do.

  1. English is a universal language (who knows Swedish except Swedes!?)
  2. Sharing memories and (life) experience
  3. Reaching out to other KADs or KAD relatives
  4. Wenting with other adoptees
  5. Swedish values and perspectives and so on...
When I begun my quest for my birth family I desperately wanted to know the exact time of my birth (for different reasons) but since there were several complications I will never be able to get an exact birth time confirmed. But I'd say it's about 80 % certain that I was born in the morning and not at night (most adoptees are because the physician usually don't work at night).

Know this when I blog I use my own experience, life and events and so on but I know that nobody else will be like me or have a life that's exctly like mine. But I do believe it can be helpful to share experiences with fellow KADs or adoptees.

As I said the other day as for adoptees there's no right or wrong when it comes to how you live your life or deal with your adoption (as long as it's legal of course).

Let's finish off with this question: do you let people in the blogsphere know if you've linked to them? Do you also ask for permission to do so? (Just out of curiosity when do you comment on other blogs?)

You don't actually have to comment or answer any of the questions I'm simply wondering that's all.

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