Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Adoption And Divorce

I know that a marriage isn't a garantue that love will last forever... but when I come to think of it all people, friends and relatives that has adopted or is adoptees comes from families that # 1 is married, # 2 never has divorced. Maybe it's nothing more than just a coincidence.. very possible. But it still makes me wonder quite a lot...

This has made me wonder if divorce is less common among couples that goes for international adoption... (Of course this could possibly be a prejudice..). Do you know any adoptees or APs that has been through divorce?

I don't think APs love each other more than a normal couple would (normal means couple that only has bio children) in this case. Correct me if I'm wrong but maybe APs tend to stay with their significant others for the sake of their children... Possibly, maybe, no seriously I don't know. It's just a wild guess.

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