Saturday, 23 July 2011

For My Brother

Dear brother, I want you to know that I honestly do love you.
We aren't related not by blood only through adoption which makes it legal.
I know I should be more mature than you because I'm older but it's really hard for me...

Our relationship makes me realize what it is that I miss from my birth siblings.
I know we had our hard times, we might not be so close because we are as different as night and day.
I know I probably don't say I love you often enough or appreciate you like I should.
I'm sorry for all this and I'll try become a better person if not for our parents then I'll try my best for...
I wish I could be the bigger person...

Our relationship might be the closest I will ever come to a sibling relationship, as far as my birth siblings and I go I think it is too late to create that genuine sibling bond that you get from growing up around each other. I wish I could restore or mend it back to what it should have been but I can't it doesn't matter how hard I try or how much I desperately wishes it could happen.

Nature never intended for us to be related, not even to know each other or grow up with each other like we did. But since we not only share the fact that we're adopted we were raised with the same parents and knows each other only as brother and sister. Yet we are as different as night and day but I want you to know that you'll always have me. I'll always have your back because you're now my brother and deep down I love you.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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