Friday, 4 April 2014

A Man Just Like My Father...

People say  the chances you end up with someone like your father is pretty high or like your mother if you happen to be a male...

This means I might fancy a layed back openminded, guy who values honesty and justice. Someone who laughs and joke around a lot and who seem to to still be true to his childish side. Or a man just like Oppa which means my heart would be content with a superstitious man, who loves children and who jokes around a lot.

Maybe I'll fancy a man like my dear mum, sensitive and caring person with the heart in the right place. Omma's values could also be what I'm looking for in a future boyfriend and potential husband; a strong man who protects and look after his loved ones, someone with a really big heart that has sacrificed a lot for their family. Someone who are close to their parents and siblings and values family.

A Swedish tiger with cool layed back style and openminded mind. Who doesn't really speak that much.
A Korean ninja who are protected of his loved ones, who knows what he wants. Who doesn't care much.

No I don't know, I'm not certain I just know what my heart and soul don't want.
I need someone who can understand me I guess, that respects me enough to accept me without wanting to change me into something I'm not. I can't be only Swedish or 100% Korean because I'm not.