Sunday, 26 June 2011

Family Values

In Korea authority is given to the elderly, well educated, older, married and wealthier. Yet the family is not only more important it is also defined differently, in Sweden a family is your parents, siblings, children, your grandparents (and occassionally also cousins and aunts and uncles).

While the Korean language have specific words for each relative.

In Sweden it is very common for sblings to don't get along until later adulthood while Korean siblings seems to spend a lot of time together. And another thing is that you almost never go against your parents whishes while it is common for children and parents to disagree more often. That doesn't mean Swedes love their family less.

I had hoped that people really would understand why it's not only important for me that people start using my new 2000 SEK worth of name instead of the old used one. It's almost insulting to me actually and I'm serious, all that money should at least indicate the importance of exactly how important such a trivial thing is too me.

My university friends is most open and accepting of my new name, while my old childhood friends and classmates don't even have a slightest clue. I like it that way, honestly. But what really bugs me is that my immidate family and relatives still insists of using that old familiar name. Which means the people who know me through my parents relates to me using the same familiar name.

When I'm annoyed or somewhat angry I just splurs out it's not my name !!! Totally unKorean probably...

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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