Friday, 16 May 2014

My Four Nephews

I had a dream a while ago about my sister and her family, at first it seemed so real but then there were some details which made me realize it was only a sweet dream... I haven't mentioned any dreams about this sister yet, and she's also married and very caring and sweetnatured. As far as I know she has an older daughter and a younger son, they were born extremely close after each other - (the reason for that is the high competitiveness on the jobmarket, a married woman is allowed maternal leave for one and a half year, I assume that is for each cild. But it seems to me like very few families can afford the risk of being on maternity leave for 3 years which would make them likely to risk getting fired.)

Secondly Korean familes get child benefits for two children, not more preferable they want a son and a daughter. I'm not sure if they forfeit the state benefit in case of multiple births like twins or triplets which are very rare for Asians in the first place. This has something to do with Korea's belief that smaller families will make adults more willing and focused on working thereby helping the economy grow and in turn contribut to the nation's industrialization.

Let me now tell you about my dream, apart from the older son and daughter, my sister suddenly had given birth to two more children (I was unable to find out their gender, both were still toddlers). They were born as close from each other as their older siblings. They may have been twins though. Because of the two strong reasons for only having two children I remember I was very surprised to discover my Onni had mothered two additional children, one of my sisters has had a third child but she does no longer reside in Korea. Yet in my dream, this sister was.