Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Korean Bread Recepies

  1. Soboro Bread 소보로 빵 (Chinese Pineapple Bread, sound familiar ?)
  2. Sesame Tapioca Bread link to recepie here
  3. Korean Mochi Bread recepie here

Are there any more Korean (bread) recepies out there ?

Have anyone of you tried to make the Soboro bread, Sesame Tapioca Bread or Korean Mochi bread?
The few different types of Korean bread I've tried aren't many and I think I was a bit disapointed by the strong sweet taste... Apparently there's a really popular bakery chain in Korea now called Paris Baguette which I think (I'm not sure) is an American chain...

I'm not sure if there are myself... Oh, yeah that reminds me apparently there's a Swedish caffeé Fika
 in Seoul these days. Of course us Swedes, can enjoy a tasty Cinnemon bun as well as a yummy Semla (Lengthen Bun). Although I most confess I've never visited that place so I'm not sure if it really tastes like home....

Why is it so that I've so far failed to find Korean bread recepies maybe because Korean's don't eat bread... And just for the record I havn't eaten any bread for a year now... I seriously doubt I will get a chance to bake this since I'm not eactly eating anything of what I make. Secondly it seems to sweet for anyone in family to even consider trying...

But it sure is tempting, and what about when in Rome do as the Roman do...

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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