Friday, 13 December 2013

Deepest Desire

I have a deep deep desire
I want to be treated as a human being
Like a person and a woman next
Not a sexual object
It's just that I've experienced things...
My mind is still set in escape mood

But honestly speaking
I do want
To be loved and respected
For the person that I am
Don't love me
If you only love my race
Please I beg you

I'd rather go through life alone
Even if it would be rather lonely indeed
But to keep myself from heart break
That's what I'm willing to do

First impressions can decieve
There is so much more
To me than what you see
Or what you think you see

It's nothing but a personal protection
Honestly I'm really rather kind and sweet
That is once I allow myself to show
A more sincere and vulnerable side
There's a reason why I hide it

Sunday, 1 December 2013

현실을 탈출

Sometimes life feels rough like there's no end to your pain...
Those days I'd like to curl up in my bed or to run away and hide
But hiding from your problems is only the act of coward.
On those occasions I do indeed have a special place that I allow my mind to travel to
It's place feel of vibrant life , scents and a city who never sleeps
Once in a while I imagine what my life would look like if I lived there...
What my future would hold if I went there...
As of right now though I can only drem
But dreams can come true