Monday, 18 April 2011


I'm adopted which would mean that I would be not only disgraceful but a bad person since children only are given up for adoption if your birth parents doesn't like you. (Common opinion of KADs among Koreans).

Apparently a certain Katrin Zytomierska wrote a post sometime ago where you she believed that adoptees were messed up people with complicated lives. I would say that that again is a common misunderstanding influenced partially by media.

Fact is that adoptees comes with a past, they have no clean slate so to say, but of course you could easilly try to erase and hide those things by changing the name and raising that child into a White/Western society which would mean they also learn a Western language like English, French, Spanish or German or maybe even a less wellknown language such as Canadian English/Canadian French, Danish, Norwegian, Dutch or what have you.

Usually or oftentimes these young innocent children have been traumatized by separation but I know several adoptees that managed to create successful lives despite being adopted into and by a family. Because of what adoptees are likely to encounter while growing up, I'd like to state two things; it's really not that difficult to understand when you think about it and secondly adoptees are humans too. Some adoptees adjusts better to their new life while others aren't so lucky.

And for those of you that might have suspected as well as those who didn't have a clue; I've chosen to write about my birth family but since I do not want to jeopardize my delicate relationship with my birth family or share to much for the same reason. I might have fabricated some parts of the details, and that is to be my own secret.

This marks the beginning of easter week starting with Holy Monday.

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