Monday, 28 February 2011

Adoptee Arrival

So one member in my immediate family has a friend that recently became a first time mum. No big deal right, but what if I tell that this friend hasn't given birth but instead adopted a child from China!

I'm not sure how to feel about this actually, some day's I'm completely fine with this adoption thing other times I'm really annoyed by it. Can't really tell why, I wish I could. This family member of mine is especially optimistic and sort of head over heels because this friend has become an adoptive parent too. Which basically means they now have something in common, something too share.

To become a parent is supposed to be a blessing and a miracle if you will, but I'd say that that only is applicable to parents who becomes parents from biology not neccessarilly by and from adoption. Actually I'd might even be prepared to say that first time parents are the only parents that truely and honestly experience this miracle. A new life, completely new and not someone else's blood and tears.

Remember my Chinese friend? Maybe that's what's bugging me this time, someone's misary is someone else's joy. You better handle the life that really never was yours to begin with with care. My opinions are 100 % mine although I confess that the thesis has changed my opinions in some regards while it also strengthened some and replaced others... there's nothing I can do to change that. It's called personal development I suppose.

And please, if you feel like you'd like to comment on this I'm well aware of the general views, opinions and arguments like... you should feel grateful to have been adopted, to have been able to gain an oppertunity of a new life and so on... Then don't.

That might be true, however I don't completely agree with this, I had a family and still have a Korean family. I've lost that natural bond that you get with your siblings. That to me is priceless and something I'm trying my best to achive some twenty years later. I'm aware of that this task might never be fullfilled yet I long for it.

This day also marks the 25th anniversary of Olof Palmes death; he was murdered by someone on the 28th of February 1986. R.I.P.

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