Sunday, 3 July 2011

Weird Fragmented Dream

I still remember fragments of a dream I had not too long ago; I clearly recall being back in Korea with my (adoptive) family . Yet some things was different, in this dream my younger brother was with us in Korea.

Fact is that he really wasn't last summer, but still there he was...

I'm not exactly sure since it was a dream, but I think we were there to search for my brother's birth family.

Here's the thing which made me realize it in fact was a dream:

It seems to be like that adoption tendency doesn't it?
A Korean child is adopted to Sweden and the next Swedish child is adopted to Korea... (someone made this particular comment in my dream, could have been my mum or dad..)

This seems really, really strange why would Koreans adopt Swedish children while they still were sending away their own children ? (Remember now, that this comment is based on my dream nothing else...) Seems highly unlikely and unreal thus I know it's only a dream far from being materialized even in the future....

I'd say that it is much more likely that Korea's domestic adoptions will increase rather than Koreans opting for international adoption themselves, wouldn't you say? At least if you compare the two mentioned in my dream. It was only a dream simple as that it's not something I dream would happen in the future.

As for Sweden there has been suggestions about allowing domestic adoption by Swedish children as viable option instead of international adoption (and yes abortions too).. But as I'm not a practicing Christian I will not go into a debate about pro abortion or pro life...

If this suggestion is accepted and made legal it would mean that homosexual couples that wishes to become parents would be viable to apply for domestic adoptions instead of waiting around for the world to change. As for where I stand on this topic (adoption in general terms), I can't give you a clear answer because it's to difficult for me.

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