Thursday, 17 February 2011

한국인 한국의

This is what I currently thinks about 한국의 Hangolôi  한국인 Hangôlin
A minor hint some of my blog posts are written for future publishing but I don't use automatic posting... To make one thing clear I have already planned which post to publish and since I only post once day I have preplanned post ready for posting until March and some even later... There's a very high possibility that posts that you currently are viewing right now have partially or entirely been written one or two months ago, but of course published in the actual date of the post.

I have now put the ball in motion, started to roll the wheels let's see what happens, but I'm not going to spill the beans just yet about what I'm planning and what it could beUnfortunately, I think that I won't be able to share my secret with you, supposedly it won't be a secret for so long. But even so I prefer not reveil anything in case it will come back to haunt me, because you never know who's out there. And no, I'm actually not aware of what kind of people it is that are reading my blog. I have a guess about my ordinary readers but that's all...

Regarding secrets and confessions now.... It seems like the biggest secret and success of Coca Cola finally is out, the recepie has apparently leaked out... Could be just a rumour of course, but if it really is the recepie than I suppose the future of Coca Cola Company is threatened big time.

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