Friday, 31 January 2014

Where Do I Belong

어디에 속하십니까
내가 지금까지 발견 할 것이다 집에 전화하는 장소.
여기서 우리 집이다.  영혼은 평화를 원한다.
 마음은 휴식하고 다시 신뢰하고 싶어.
내가 무엇을 찾고 발견
되고 싶어.

Where do I belong... ?
Will I ever find a place to call my home ?
My soul just wants peace and my heart requests rests and to believe again. 
Why is it so hard to find my one true home... 
A place where I can be allowed to be myself, to blossom , trust and believe again. 
Believe in the good in humankind. 
I just want to be accepted as the person that I am, why is such a place so hard to find ?
Please show me the respect that you seek in return, the least you can demand is respect. 
See me for the person that I am, acknowledge me. Show me that I am important and matter too. 
Tell me that life will get better, this cannot be it. There must be something more, something else something better. Better than all this, I deserve nothing but the best. 

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

From This Moment On...

I am sorry I havn't updated this blog as frequently like I did in the past, I feel like I want this blog to be more serious with entries of importance somehow, one way or another. Whereas my other blog -still secret is my personal blog about my life , opinions, thoughts and interests.

From this moment on I hope you will agree to continue following my journey as a young , female adoptee who is on a quest to find a place to call home, and looking for someone to love her and to love someone back. 

This blog may not be as Korea focused any longer, from this moment on I promise you to...