I was always talking about my birth parents when I was a young child and teenager, and when I was old enough still in my teens I decided to look for my birth parents (with the support of my Swedish parents) I assume it didn't take them that long to find my birth parents. Although I was initially more interested in my first parents, my siblings after some time said they wanted to keep contact - if I wanted it as well. And I did, we began writing letters and later emails back and fourth for almost 6 years or so. Then suddenly I was unable to contact them for a long time, it was all my fault and it did take me more then one year to re-establish contact with them. By then my first parents were close to 60 and it was my Swedish dad who suggested that I'd plan a reunion trip back to Korea the following year. And I asked and they said yes - and soon we , my mum and dad sat on plane to Korea.

Because I went to Korea with my mum and dad from Sweden it became difficult for me to bond with my first family in an uncomplicated way. I suppose I wasn't even trying - and so I soon said to myself that I'd return to Korea again very soon and then also stay longer then just a couple of weeks. My first reunion trip took place in 2010, I went om my second reunion trip in 2011 in late summer. That time I was lucky enough to be able to stay with my first family and I did manage to get to know my sisters better... It's a start at least but it's not easy with the cultural differences and language barrier as well. That's why I've been trying to learn Korean since 2011...

So I've been in reunion since 2010 but have had an established contact with my first family ever since 2002... That's when I first found them.

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