Sunday, 15 May 2011

Adoption Day

The 11th May is Adoption Day in Korea (not be confused with adoption celebration days) it's not the same. 오 월  십일일 is the Korean government's attempt to promote domestic adoption over inter country adoption.

On the very same day:
  • 1099 years ago (912) Alexander became Emperor of Byzantine
  • 509 years ago (1502) Cristopher Columbus made his final voyage to the West Indies
  •  266 years ago (1746) War of Austrian Succession and the battle at Fontenoy
  • 153 years ago (1858) Minnesota was declared the 32nd State
  • 87 years ago (1924) Mercedes Benz was established by Daimler and Benz
  • Salvador Dali was born 107 years ago (1904)
  • Alvar Aalto died 35 years ago (1976)
  • Nisga'a Day
  • National Technology Day in India
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