Saturday, 12 March 2011

Is There An End

Apparently there has been a really large earthquake and tsunami in Japan yesterday, and unfortunately the death toll is expected to reach more than 1000... Although this post was supposed to be about adoption I felt like I needed to include that bit of news seeing that Japan being farely close to Korea was of some significance.

Is there an end to adoption? Yes, and no.

Personally speaking one could say that adoption for the adoptee only ends when the adoptee passes away. Or you might even want to say that adoption is eternal. I am not sure.

Many times people has been extra suspicious of me and my ethnicity, I've been mistaken for an immigrant which I know that I am in a way. But my native language is still Swedish but my appearance is that of an immigrant. The other day I was walking to the subway when a couple of cool boys started saying that it was so many foreigners in Sweden these days and then they continued on by saying

Niha i Sverige
I'm not sure but I think that means hello in either Chinese or possibly Japanese, incidentally an older Asian woman was walking some steps infront of me. And it did take me quite some time before I even realized what they were trying to say. Would you have been offended by such a greeting yourself ? I personally intially reacted with the belief that they somehow were racists, but thing is they shouldn't have said such a thing seeing that also looked like foreigners or immigrants.

Maybe, just maybe they were trying to be friendly be greeting two Asian women in a language they supposedly understood. But please Chinese, Japanese and Korean aren't similar but older generations of Koreans might have knowledge of Japanese because of it's long history and involvement and some may even know Chinese.

Since I have an exam soon let's hope I don't have to proclaim that I had seaweed soup.

Oh, and by the way I read message at the Swedish agency that helps to organize birth family searches that they're not going to accept new applications after 15th March... I guess I'm lucky I did when I did, but there are other ways I've heard like checking out goal Korea, they're on youtube too and maybe on facebook, but not that I would know.

If you have done a birth family search without getting to personal and detailed could you please tell me how you did? Did you do it with the help from your agency from a network or organization in Korea or by yourself?

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