Friday, 13 May 2011


Some days ago I finally decided to get myself a valid passport in my new legal name that is.
Everything was fine until I was to sign it with my signature I somehow accidentally forgot to add my surname...

A few minutes later I went back to the police station to ask what I should do. First they had trouble believing that someone actually missed out their surname. Then they had to call and ask what to do, and I had already payed 400 SEK, and they informed I had to make another one.

When I informed them that I would be going overseas (oh really) then they said it's just a signature, how you sign your name. You can still use it, we've never encountered this problem before it should work.

Of course you apply for a passport if you intend to travel overseas and somehow I doubt I will be able to go outside Europe with my incorrect passport.

And I would really hate it if I was able to travel from Arlanda to my inter connected flight and then end up being stuck either in Bejing or Quatar. So no I think I will pay to redo my passport because I will need a passport anyways even if I don't go to Korea this year. What if I was told to come, they started longing and preparing for my stay and then my trip ended already at the airport, if I actually was able to use that new passport.

My personal name is offically three parts... and I know it's next to impossible to forget your surname, but I've only used my new personal name for a few months. Since December or maybe it was January... can't be sure I can't remember.

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