Saturday, 21 May 2011

Easy Conclusions

Living in Sweden as an adoptee and KAD, means that I once in a while encounter immigrants that seems to jump to conclusions or don't understands the adoption concept. The thing with having two families (one that created you and one that raised and cared for you).

Because obviously I can't be Swedish, not really not the way I look, I mean look at me... How can I be Swedish without blue eyes or that blonde fair Scandinavian hair !? To make matters worse what about the fact that I speak fluent Swedish and the culture I know best is European and Swedish.

No, I wasn't born Swedish but I'm still a Swedish citizen and my legal parents are Swedes, I was born in Korea and my birth family are Koreans. But I didn't know any Korean since I only was an infant when I left Korea for Sweden. I've had to relearn Korean in my adult years, which in itself has proved to be quite a challenge.

Ask me anything about Sweden and I'll answer you in seconds, ask me something about Korea and I'll probably answer in a few hours or a day. But don't ask me something in Korean unless you can translate it to English...

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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