Friday, 20 May 2011

What's Seoul Again

Apparently Seoul or 서울 isn't a wellknown city (at least not here in Sweden), more people seems to know of  대한민국. So yeah Seoul, that's the name of Korea's capital city... if you didn't know already. Since I'm a KAD , Korean adoptee it says that I'm born in the republik of Korea and to be more precise Seoul.  (Of course all Koreans and KADs aren't born in Seoul, it just happens to my birth place.)

South Korea just so happens to be a UN member, WTO, OECD, G - 20, orginal member of APEC as well as the East Asian Summit.

Here's the names of other cities in Korea:
  • Busan
  • Daegu
  • Incheon
  • Daejeon
  • Gwangju
  • Ulsan
The provinces are:
  • Gyeonggido
  • Gangwondo
  • Chungcheonbukdo
  • Chungcheonnamdo
  • Jeollabukgo
  • Jeollanamdo

How many birthday celebrations can one person have ? Personally I have my birthday, the day I first arrived to Sweden as well as the day I was reborn.. It's a long story really and I'm not sure if I should or even want to share that with you my presumed readers.

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