Friday, 27 May 2011

Swedish Sports

As far as I know there are at least two sports activitites that are hugely popular in Sweden. Those would be soccer and ice hockey , and I'm not sure which of them that would be more popular. Ice hockey is a sport that you only play in the Western World as far as I know which means they havn't heard of it in Korea, Asia or the Middle East...

(But this could quite possibly be another prejudice)
If you were to ask a foreigner who Zlatan Ibrahimovic was then they'd probably know it but if you were to ask who Peter Forsberg or Mats Sundin was then you'd probably get no answer.

Who do you think would win between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Ahn Jung Hwa or between Park Ji Sung and Henrik Larsson ? And personally I'm no soccer fan, believe me but Ki Seung Yong, Cha Duri and Lee Chong Yong has managed to make me more interested in soccer. Yet I'm torn wich team to chear for if Korea and Sweden was in the same division or played against each other.

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