Sunday, 20 March 2011

Almost There

I'm almost there now, remember the thing I said I was planning but didn't want to spell out? Anyways it's almost achived, the wheels are now in moition and the ball is rolling...

A few days ago the snow returned for a second time but today it is starting to melt away... Spring is approching yet it seems as if I'm not feeling as one might expect that you should feel when it's spring.

I think that the loss of a birth family might be even more apparent when there's siblings involved. In my case I have several both older (obviously) but also younger and they're all my birth siblings, we have the same Omma and Appa. When I think of my siblings which I do several times a week once a day maybe, then I also end up thinking about my parents. That wound might never heal, but it is starting to become easier to think about and ultimately talk about.

I just realized that blogger is probably blocked in China, which actually didn't dawn on me until now... So I'm faced with decision of a possible blogmove but I don't know when or what to change to. But must importantly I don't think this blog is old enough yet.. so that will be a decision I'll have to postphone until later. When the time is right so to say, and I will probably keep this blog just for the sake of it. No, but I have put in a lot of effort on it so it would seem like a waste to completely shut it down and delete it is out of the question.

The moon is still full, which feels a bit extra special for some reason, can't really tell why.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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