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A Little Bit Of Everything

Please be aware of the fact that this post may contain information that for some might be considered sensitive.... Please think if you really want to read this post as it contains information about Japan's current situation.... As for now I will not make this post password protected but I may consider it later on...

Unlike the previous post this post will begin with some reports of the disaster in Japan, apparently the location of Japan was swithched two metres. And the latest earthquake in Japan was the largest in Japan's history. As a consequence a nuclear plant disaster might occur and in many cities entire populations is missing as is the case with the Japanese city Minamisonriku were as many as 10.000 is recorded as missing. And as many 200000 is estimated to have become homeless a result of the earthquake and tsunami and apparently the aftershakes from the earthquake might last for years to come. It is estimated to reach Hawaii soon.... Recently three Japanese nuclear plants experienced difficulties with the cooling system and there's been at least two nuclear disasters.

Below is a list of similiar nuclear disasters and as noted Fukoshima accident is not listed here, that is because it is still very sensitive a high death toll and thousands either homeless or missing or both. Secondly we have yet to see the outcome and effects... Also this list, is not made to provoke or upset it was intended as an educational aspect only...

  • Chalk River, Ontario Canada (1952)
  •  Windscale, Cumberland, Great Britain (1957)
  •  Chalk River, Ontario Canada (1958)
  • Vinca, Yugoslavia (1958)
  • Santa Susana Field Laboratory, California (1958)
  •  Charlestown, Rhode Island (1964)
  •  Monroe, Michigan (1966)
  • Soviet icebreaker Lenin (1966 - 1967)
  •  Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland (1967)
  •  Lucens Canton of Vaud, Switzerland (1969)
  •  Jasolvské Bohunice Czechoslovakia (1977)
  • Middletown Dauphin County, Pennsylvania (1979)
  •  Orleans, France (1980)
  •  Tsuruga, Japan (1981)
  •  Buenos Aires, Argentina (1983)
  • Hamm - Uentorp , Germany (1986)
  • Greifswald, Germany (1986)
  •  Prypiat Ukraine, Chernobyl (1986)
  •  Tomsk, Russia (1993)
  •  Ishikawa, Japan (1999)
  • Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan (1999)
  •  Paks, Hungary (2003)
  •  Sellafield, England (2005)
  •  Braidwood, Illinois (2005)
  • Erwin, Tennessee (2006)

Although I live in Sweden, entire news broadcasts is currently devoted to the Japanese disaster. Meanwhile Sweden is preparing for its 53th election of this year's Swedish finalist in Eurovision song contest (kown as the Melody Contest but the Swedish name Melodifestival sounds much better to me). And as it happens last year Sweden was placed on its lowest place 26th, last year's winner was Anna Bergendahl with This Is My Life. This year Eric Saade or Danny Saucedo with their songs Popular and In The Club. Not unsuprisingly, Eric Saade took first place with his song Popular but why did he have to smash that glass!? Sanna Nielsen's song was very nice, Swingfly preformed a cathy rap song and then there was the choir who sung a catchy 60s inspired song and there was also a heavy song that was about domestic violence. Im not convinced that Saade's song will stand a chance in Germany later this year...

As for politics the Swedish Social Democratic Party is making final preparations for election of its new Party leader and the unknown Hakan Juholt from Oscarshamn. He might be their only suggested nominee but there is still little known about his personal conviction being either this or that. So from Mona Sahlin to Hakan Juholt, the development and progress seems more like a reversed development. Is this really 2011 !?

I so wish I could tell you all about some funny stories that occured to me recently, but there's something holding me back. But claiming to be Korean while taking a Korean language course might prove to be further complicated if said teacher is a Korean citizen.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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