Friday, 4 March 2011

Korean Traits; Stubborness

Allright, remember that I told you about one of family's acquaintances ? My mum tends to make quick conclusions, assumptions and yes she assume's quite a lot to be honest. Like in most cases when there's a decision involving the entire family she basically always, always assumes I'm going to accept it just because they do.

She' also never asks weither or not we'll accept it or not, she's just assumes and speaks for the whole family usually without my knowledge.Well, accept the fact that your adoptive daughter now is a grown woman in her 20s first and foremost. Secondly accept the fact I'm Korean by birth which basically means I'm stubborn if you didn't know until now. Lastly, I've recently created my own opinions, arguments and ideas and just accept that they never will be to your liking, my opinions shouldn't have to be like that just because I'm your (adoptive) daughter.

Last month I attended a seminar about adoption, and I have to confess that it was really interesting yet I far from agree with all arguments and I don't share the same opinions. But even so I believe we shouldn't exclude people who happen to have a differing opinion just because don't share it or like it... Difference is good!

There are days when the thought of disowning my adoptive parents enters my mind, especially my adoptive mum.. I'm serious now, this thought has crossed my mind on more than one occassion... I'm unable to carry out my plans; maybe I love my mum too much. I actually couldn't live without her, she's my best friend now in my younger adulthood yet we still have our hard times.

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