Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Native Language

Is my mother tongue Swedish or Korean? I know my mother tongue should be Korean, but I wasn't raised by Koreans or lived inside Korea. Instead I've lived in the West, Europe, Scandinavia or more particularly Sweden (exactly where I'll never tell you).

Would I have stayed in Korea my mother tongue would have been Korean and then my second language would probably be Chinese or Japanese and only my third language would be Korean.

But what if Swedish is my mother tongue? Then could you still call Korean my native language or is Korean instead a third langugage or maybe even random foreign language?

Honestly would it be possible to say that a language you've been forced to learn as a replacement for language lost, the language that you never knew... wouuld that really qualify to be called one's native language or mother tongue..

A Korean not only speaking some weird rare language not only on a daily basis but where it actually happens to be the language used everyday... That too me isn't normal it's a forced action by adoption. And yes my native language is Swedish which I speak fluently.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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