Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Cat Chase

I know I might come of as to critical and negative at times, and that I tend to judge and criticize my mum a lot, based on what I write.. Truth is I really feel like not only my first trip back to my birth country and not to mention my first reunion was further complicated by the fact that my adoptive parents insisted of going with me...

Even though it in a way was a wonderful memory to share, I still to this day honestly believe that it further complicated things not only for me personally but also for my birth family. It was as if my life long desire was transformed into something similar to a family vacation and I wasn't allowed to fully experience this supposedly wonderful time since I had to be considerate of my mum and dad while still trying not to disappoint my birth family. Furthermore I believe it complicated and actually made my honest efforts and attempts to get closer to my birth family a lot harder just based on the fact that my mum and dad was with me.

I still can't seem to come to terms with the fact that they imposed on me (there intentions might have been created out of honesty..) but it still felt like my mum and dad also wanted to do this based on a selfish need and curiosity.

Yesterday I went to the screening of Black Swan starring Natalie Portman, Winona Ryder and Mila Kunis. At first it was a little hard to grasp but once I understood I realized its message; that you're often your own worst enemy...

Small side note international (American movies mostly) are screened way later than they are in the US. I think Sweden did get to show Sex and The City II and Spider Man II ( I think it was this movie), due to the volcano... I know we had the first show of Sex and the City II and at least another movie even before any other European country...

Oh, did you know we have a special screening of limited movies which allows parents to bring their infants to a movie ? Do you have this possibility in other countries? The thing is that I think they make planned breaks for nursing and diaper change in the saloon... Although I have yet to confirm this... Up until recently they only screened movies that were approved for children, but now they also screen movies with adult content. But your child has to be no older than one year...

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