Monday, 28 March 2011

Common Views

I think its safe too say that I really do live on the country side, because why else would this little guy visit your home? I didn't even have to go into the forrest searching for it, it came to me... Ok, I confess mum regularly feeds the birds and other wild life creatures like this raindeer I suppose. 

We also have pheasants quite regularly, but we don't have actual polar bears walking around on the streets. If you want to share a sidewalk with a polar bear I suggest you either visit; Northern Alaska, Greenland, Siberia or the arctic islands outside Canada . But don't visit Sweden and expect to see a polarbear they don't live here anymore !?

The other day I once again was reminded that I really do reside at the countryside, what happened was that a big bird was targeting my cat, luckily my dad heard the nose and came outside just in time. But my cat wasn't hurt, no the cat is no longer allowed outside in the evening or in the dark hours...

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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