Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Duties For A Godmother

My dad informed the other day that one of the duties of a godmother means that you have responsibility of your God daughter or God son in the unfortunate event of both parents death... Would that be equal or similar to an adoption?

And why is it so that everything I mention; I have to to repeat once or twice to both my parents, are they only old and forgetful or do they simply not care about what's important and going on in my life... Oh, well I could be that boring I suppose. My brother really are the accomplished one, he has tons of things to do, many job oppertunites, a lot of friends and a longtime girlfriend. He's got everything I don't and sometimes I'm still jelaous of him...

There I said it out loud, being jelaous is a part of life and no I wouldn't say I'm childish or selfish based on that. If jelaousy equals childish and selfishness than I suppose I am and would argue that a lot of people are just that.

And I'm proud of my brother and love him dearly.

Below picture of Swedish Lenthen bun from a local bakery...

Today happens to be another Swedish tradition since its Lent and that means Lenthen bun, basically a bun filled with whipped cream and almond cream. Actually it wasn't only first day of Lent and Lenthen bun day but also Panncake Day, which I didn't know... So you could celebrate International Women's Day with either Lenthen bun or Panncakes, or both.

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