Thursday, 10 March 2011

Benefits Of Being A Korean Woman

Believe it or not there are benefits of being a female KAD, one would be that since I'm a woman it would be possible for me to attain a dual citizenship without having to worry about the 25 month long mandatory military service. Korea hasn't made military service mandatory for Korean women, at least not yet... Maybe they never will...

Here's the thing you can apply for a dual Korean citizenship if you are inside Korea and it isn't gender selection although male KADs are usually having to comply to serving in Korean military once they become 20....

Above picture of Apple Banana Cupcakes which honestly tasted more banana nutmeg; but still very delicious. I also made Carrot Cupcakes and for the Cupcake dough I made the dough from a regular Cupcake recepie. There is a picture of those cupcakes as well but there in another camera.

No those are not any stones, its bread with hard crust but they're soft inside. Its a modified Swedish recepie containing sage. And my dad has stated that he is considering starting his own blog after his retirement.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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