Thursday, 3 March 2011

Adoption Vs. Biology

No matter how hard you try one should never compare adoption with the birth of someone else's child. Why?

Because too me adoption is a concious choice, probably a choice that's taken many years and a lot of money as well while the birth of a child could be unplanned, an accident even if you will. It's not like someone choses to adopt a child by accident, in most cases at least.

Also adoptive parents usually gets more time to prepare for the addition to the family, while an expecting mother usually doesn't know that she's even pregnant to begin with.Let's not forget about the fact that the birth mother of the adoptee, had to be separated from her child. Which basically means she's usually greifing too. The adoptive parents joy is possible because of one woman's greif and loss.

Incidentally this post is really similar to my previous post from yesterday, which wasn't planned originally.

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