Saturday, 5 March 2011

Past Loves

My very first love, used to be a past love since my first past love used to by my Omma and Appa.., now I'd like to consider them my rediscovered love. Although, I never once stopped loving them; not even for a second.

I've for sure had my share of complex and selfdoubt because I don't resemble that general beauty norm instead I am one those exotic women with long dark hair, not black, brown eyes, double eyelids and olive skin kind of beauty. This means that I've met men all throughout my life that suffered from the yellow fever.

Now that I think about even my ex boyfriend from High School was one those guys that had a clear case of yellow fever, and when it comes downs to it I believe all men except from my dad and other male relatives have had an unfortunate case of the yellow fever. An obvious assumption on my part and possibly even a prejudice, and also this a generalization. There may be exceptions but so far I have sadly to meet one...

Do all men that are attracted to Asian women have a case of yellow fever or is it just as simple that they actually like the person and isn't so concerned about the race?

However, I wasn't even aware of the fact that such a thing existed up until the last 2 or possibly 3 previous years of my life. I'm not sure if it's due to increasing awareness or expanding criticism. Or maybe just the simple fact of adulthood which makes you more self councious or aware of things like racisim.

Incidentally I was trying to cross an intersection when this old retired man decided to tag along with me. (It was really icy and a bit slippery outside). We had a smaller conversation about the Swedish drivers, and the funny thing is that he grabbed on to my armbow real thight and also insisted on going really close beside me. When I parted with this uncle he, asked me when we would get together...

Would you normally grab some random stranger just to show devotion.. ?

I can't really tell if he was trying to be funny or if he was one of those creppy old men that has a slight crush for Asian women. I think it could have been a case of the latter seeing that his tone of voice was kind of serious.

If it was like I suspect, would he have asked all young women the same thing or was he simply interested in Asian women alone?

What originally was meant to be a serious yet nice post has somehow transformed into something more sleesy. I could have decided not to write the things I did, but since I feel they are important this post has been somewhat modified.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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