Thursday, 24 March 2011

Love Is Blind

I'm tired of this talk about race, so what if I'm Asian, Chinese, Japanese or Korean.Since my epiphany, I've realized that maybe it's not a Korean man that I'm looking for, if I at all am looking for someone, maybe I shouldn't even focus on Asia so much.

I went through my statistics and noticed one visitor from China... I thought China always blocks google and subsequently blogger to ? Maybe my blog isn't blocked then as I initally believed, well then there would be no reason for me to consider a blogmove... What about my resently created blog, I guess I'll keep it for now and hopefully I'll find out weither or not this blog is blocked in China. Before then I'll not make any decision about my newest blog, although a blogmove isn't that attractive right now.

Actually, I don't really care what ethnicity my future supposed partner would be as long as he is nice, able to understand me and maybe share some if not all of my values. I will defy this generalization which says that I should based on my ethnicity, (only be interested in other Asians) or more importantly Koreans. I didn't realize that a genuine Korean man would be spoiled and patriarchial, more so than say a Chinese man...

Of course this an open confession influenced by my prejudices and generalizations of Korean men, and I'm aware of the fact that there might be exceptions and secondly, this prejudices says nothing about Korean men's ability to care. I know quite a few Korean men and they are all very caring and loving.

More importantly I'm not like them, as long as my future significant other is a human being not someone on four legs with a tail, not an alien from Mars or someone with gill, who only can survive in water I would be satisfied.

I started realize what traits that I'm definately not hoping to find my future spouse that's for sure, and no I will not mention those here that would be sort of pointless since I don't use this blog to pick up boys, or young men . Men.

Just learned of a case where a friend is suwing another friend because he broke the promse of not growing a mustasch. This happened in Sweden, and as expected the charges were dropped and it never got to court... I wonder if they still are friends..

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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