Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Next Best Thing

I confess a part of me partially and at times long for a connection and sense of belonging with my birth family. That's the plain hard truth.

Yet my adoptive family has offered me a secure and safe environment as well as material wealth which I might not have had had I not been adopted. And I for sure wouldn't have gotten to know my younger brother (yes, the younger brother from adoption). Would I really want to sacrifice that for a second change with my birth family?

Probably not.
A few days ago I happened to be in charge of market stand selling strawberries in a bigger city in Sweden. Anyways, after a while an older woman came up to me she was really happy because she had finally found

a foreigner that sold strawberries so she just had to buy them from me. I'm so glad I've found you, you're not Swedish if you were I wouldn't buy from you but since you are an immgrant I have to buy them from you.
Suddenly my 25 years of life and upbringing didn't mean a thing, I was shocked and amazed as well as insulted. But fact is that even foreigners or no, Swedish immigrants aren't generally familiar with adoption. That I learned that day.  For (some) adoptees it may at times seem as an offense to be called an immigrant even if that is what we are except for the cultural heritage thing.

An adoptee generally speaking and oftentimes is robbed from their heritage and is forced to assimilate and adopt into another culture. While an immigrant very often brings their own culture and background with them. They also have a native language whereas adoptees usually don't speak their original language instead they learn the language in their new culture and country.

I feel like I might be back to my old self whatever that might be, but as for my future trip to Korea I'm still hoping but I don't want to take any chances or make early guesses right now. It's still early, and a lot can change and happen to prevent me from going exactly what I will not say.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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