Sunday, 5 June 2011


I don't know what's worse, or more particularly what could the cause behind my blues... I've been forced to discontinue my university studies (oh well no surprise there), and since January of this year I've been searching for a part time job or employment.

I really thought turning 살이십오would be , maybe not a happy moment but at least sort of a mile stone well it turns out  it really hasn't been. I'm not quite there just yet but I will be pretty soon...

This might seem unfamiliar but somehow this whole thing has made me miss  한국 or more especially my birth family. It's like the loss of independence and income makes me even more aware of all the things I miss or lost.

The loss from the ultimate separation from my birth family is very apparent, yet I'm not sure if I'm supposed or allowed to greif that loss since I've never actually experienced it in the first place. Only at later stage as a young woman and adult.

I'll try to cheer up in a couple of days or two but I will be posting as normal.

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