Thursday, 30 June 2011

Swedish Summer

It's supposed to be time filled  with happiness, hopes and laughter. (But I know many, many people who don't experience the same or even just a tiny bit of what I define as Swedish summer).

School's out and you can relax, play with your friends, sunbath outside, go fishing at the lake, swimming every day, go on overseas vacation. Eat strawberries, pick mushrooms, lingon berries and blueberries...

How do you celebrate summer ? What do you do on your holidays? How will you spend this summer?

Do you by any chance happen to know why we celebrate our national day on the 6th of June ? And what do you think we celebrate? Guess away, I'll answer very soon...

Personally I havn't felt like it's summer yet, I still have my bit of summer fun left... ^^ Because of the crisis in Greece you could easilly find a cheap Greece vacation for under 1000 SEK... That is if you dare to take your chances...

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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