Saturday, 4 June 2011


They say Koreans are stubborn... yeah, could be true I would call it determination or devotion. There's a difference here people.

Am I one of those guys ? One of the others?

I'm not sure, I might be but hopefully not that much ... So far I've encountered Swedish adoptees here in Sweden where some of them have completed a name change. What didn't you just do it... ?

Yes, I have but I believe my reasons for doing so is of a completely different character. Mostly it seems like adoptees decides to change their surnames instead of their personal names. Could be that the personal name is a sort identification.

Even among other adoptees my new name is meet with shocking reactions, disbelief what have you. Like adoptees who reconnects with their birth culture isn't supposed to call themselves by their original birth names. However I have done just that so maybe I possess a new kind of threat for society. I know one thing though I'm not the first adoptee that has had a name change nor will I be the last. From now on I'd like to live my life with no regrets, staying true to myself and my name change was a first step in that direction.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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