Saturday, 11 June 2011


Since learning Korean the thought of writing a poem in Korean has been a thought that has entered my mind more then once. And since others (not me) has told me that I'm talanted in writing (Swedish) poems as well as painting I might want to try that one day.

Apparently a Korean poem is called Sijo or 시조 and after some research I've discovered that there are a few rules that you basically needs to follow.

I think my Sijo would start with something like ...

엄마 미안해.아버지가 날 용서하십시오.난 더 이상 귀하의 언어를 말할 수 없다는 걸.너도 내 모국어를 이해할 수있다.저는 한국어 배울 아니라 항상 우리 사이에는 큰 차이가있을 것입니다.난 나이 형제 자매가 모두 젊은 세.그러나 그들은 내 형제처럼 느끼지 않는다.미안 해요, 용서하세요.나는 한국 알았다면 널 향한 내 사랑과 헌신을 선포 것이다.당신을 사랑합니다.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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