Thursday, 4 August 2011

Last Letter

I havn't planned to write a last letter to Korea anytime soon... A part of me wishes that I some day will be able to keep a longer conversation going with Omma, tell her about my day and as for my siblings I wish I could tell them what I like, dislike and dream about. But right now that's not possible... because my native tongue was replaced before my 100th day...

If my Korean family knew Swedish (as if that would ever happen) or at least English that would make things much easier. Maybe I will be able to express myself in my last letter (which hopefully is at least 6 or 7 decades away)...

I also whish that I one day could show my mother and father my home in Sweden if I'm lucky maybe one of my siblings will come to visit one day... I want my birth family to know what my daily life is like, so they know what kind of life I have lived. Maybe then they will be comforted knowing that everything turned out allright. But I will always miss them, miss the things that I wasn't able to experience with them...

Being scolded by Omma, told what to do by Appa, joking around with my Oppas and arguing with my Unnis. (Although I do think Korean siblings don't really fight )... This time I hope I will get a glimpse at what it means to live in Korea as a native citizen, not just a random tourist on vacation... That's at least what I hope will be able to get a taste of if not a complete experience... Maybe I'm crazy for thinking this but still it's 100% what I want. It's the essence of me in a sense.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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