Thursday, 11 August 2011

Summer Baking

  1. Whoopi Pies
  2. Regular Pie
  3. Cookies
  4. Cakes
  5. Cupcakes
  6. Bread
  7. American recepies
  8. Swedish classics
  9. Jam, marmelade and jelly

Summer in a nutshell strawberries with plain yoghurt, yummy !!!

My two different jams on sourdough bread another very tasty culinary delicacy if you ask  me. Last picture sweet pizza with sweet Italian cheese (forgot the name of it) raspberries and chocolate. The original recepie was a little different.

Oh and the other month I had a big problem with strange insects called Indian Flour Moot, really annoying. I guess there's one of the downsides if you bake or cook a lot... Although the original source seems not to have been flour, but more likely ordinary birdseeds bu t I must say that these little buggers are extremly persistent and they seem to especially like organic produce but if given a chance will spread to anything like sugar,seeds,cocoa powder etc.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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