Sunday, 14 August 2011

My Packing

Before I do anything no I'm not living on unemployment benefits, I do however parasite on my parents and not on the state. I'm not even entitled of unemployment benefits as it is since I've not protected by any union whatsoever and if anyone can tell me how I am supposed to get 299 SEK a month to pay for a reduced unemployment allowance then be my guest. How on earth are you supposed to come up with 3600 if you have no income, savings or inheritance to go to. Sure beats me. Sometimes I just love Sweden.

Below you see a list of what I'll bring on my trip in two weeks time.

  • passport
  • money
  • medicine (allergy pills, allergy spray)
  • camera
  • toalett paper
  • anticeptic soap
  • sunblock
  • notebooks and pencils
  • dictionary
  • (summer) clothes
  • school books 
  • novels
  • magazines
  • gifts
  • candy

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