Saturday, 26 February 2011

Lessons Learned

I'd like to offically apologize in case I may have offended anyone reading yesterday's post... My inital aim was never to offend anyone, but I know now how that post might be interpreted as...

I have learned quite a many things by heart this past few months, for instance learned that there are some things adoptees are forced to accept rather than trying to change one's faith and things that already happened. That's impossible , unless you're a Hogwarts student or Hermione Granger happened to loan you her time turner...

Even though I had mentally prepared myself for over 5 years before using a request for direct contact I wasn't prepared for what I would learn about my own destiny... I had actually prepared for every likely scenario except that one of course.

Love doesn't mean love between a man and a woman, the love that's unconditional and eternal should be valued even more. Such love can only be found in a family, with certain exceptions of course. Also, being adopted means my emotions resembles a roller coster or a swing if you will.. it also means I have to get used to recieving weird comments and too personal questions, having my ethnicity questioned, being subject of more than one prejudice although I can't think of one right now.

For me it means I will live on as a living contradiction.

I'll make this year's New Year's resolution now, and it will be to trý not to waste so much time on things that I can't change. Like things that happened in the past and especially my adoption. Since I'm finished with my thesis I think I finally will be able to fulfill or attempt to reach this goal. Why waste energy on something you can't change !? I really should start living by this...

I have a really nasty cold since a few days and usually my remedy would be tea and lots of ice cream... But now I use tea and C vitamines like in tangerines... and yeah lots of garlic too. I almost forgot it. Do you know a good remedy for colds that actually works?

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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  1. Spicy soup usually helps clear up any beginning cold I might be getting. Posole here in Southern California, US is popular and pretty spicy. Something about the capsaicin is supposed to help.