Sunday, 27 February 2011


I can now proudly announce that I'm an aunt /imo yet again...

A few days ago I mentioned to my dad that I believed I would become a really nice baking grandmother, which might seem a bit odd and out of place since I'm only 25 (turning 25 this year), still single and havn't had any children of my own yet.

But one thing is certain I love children, yet I wouldn't consider adopting them if I would learn I wouldn't be able to become a mother to my own biological children.. That should seem so surprising to any of you, yet this revalation seems to really trigger my mum...

Children are the future, the next generation or like the late King of Pop:
We are the world.
And as long as your parents are alive you're still not an adult, it is only once your own parents has passed that you have reached maturity enough to actually be considered an adult. At least in my eyes, well what I mean is that as long as your mum or dad is still alive you are still a child to them and it doesn't matter if you're only four, 25 or 60 since what matters is if your mum and dad are still alive.

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