Friday, 2 March 2012

Some Korean Law

I happened to watch an American show depicting serious crimes the other day and this time the crime was about parental child kidnapping. The couple was an interracial couple the man was Korean and the American and they had a son together, but their marriage didn't last. When the woman seeked divorce and later remarried the ex husband secretly plotted to take their child out of USA and back to his native Korea.

And South Korea is one of the countries that hasn't signed the Hague convention still today in 2012, and by not doing that the country has not agreed to aid the US in case of international child kidnappings... Luckily for this woman she never gave up and after some careful planing she was able to be reunited with her son and they could safely return to the US.

Given the fact that the man was a Korean he would be entitled to custody of the child since he by Korean standards would be the head of the family whereby the woman and his ex wife would have little protection by the law. The man was in fact Korean by birth but adopted to America so he was an ibyang and a KAD.FYI, I don't claim to be an expert on Korean law, let's just say I'd definitely think twice about starting a family with a native Korean...

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