Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Small Rantings

겨울 었어요.

I thought it ly don't had become spring by now, but guess not since it's been snowing since the weekend. So winter is back. I was thinking the other day that I really don't reflect over the fact that I'm not Swedish (my etnicity that is) , it's not like I ignore it or anything but I don't spend every minute of the day thinking about. Of course I know it, I see it and is reminded of it every time I look in the mirror, as well as every time I meet strangers , people I don't know, people that aren't familiar with me. I think it sort of is funny and sometimes annoying whenever I happen to meet an immigrant (someone who doesn't speak Swedish or hasn't been raised here).

And most people that may just have meet me assume I'm a Japanese person not a Korean and not even a Swede. 일본 사람 없어요. 한국 사람도 스웨덴 사남. 입양아 사람.

I wonder if there are anybody else that have encountered the same experience (maybe not on a daily basis or every day but more than once at least)....

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