Monday, 12 March 2012

Female Nobel Writers

Selma Lagerlof , Gösta Berlings Saga, 1909. It's a story about the deposed minister Gösta Berling who is offered refugee at Ekeby and saved by the mistress of Ekeby.

Grazia Deledda, 1926, writes about life on her childhood's island.

Sigrid Undset, 1928, mostly known for her novel about the Heroine Kristine Lavransdottir, who lived during the Middle Ages in Norway.

Pearl Buck, 1938,  author of The Good Earth is a story about family life in a Chinese family prior to the WW2. It revolves around the Chinese man called Wang Lung.

Gabriela Mistral, 1945, Los Sonetas de La Muerta, writes poetry in Spanish. Supposedly the most gifted poet in whole of South America.

Nelly Sachs, German Jewish poet aworded the Prize in 1966 for her poetry.

Nadine Gordimer, South African writer, influenced by Apartheid in her writings, aworded the Prize in 1991.

Toni Morrison, 1993,African American writer, writes about African American peoples lives. Mostly known for her book Bluest Eye.

Wislawa Symborska,1996, Polish poet. Szukum slowa.

Elfriede Jelinek, 2004, Austrian writer who is influenced by Feminism in her writings one of her books is The Land Of The Green Plums.

Doris Lessing, 2007, The Grass Is Singing, about racisism social stigmas, class society, power, marriage and female awakening.

Herta Müller, 2009, Roman German writer influenced by her own life writes about German minorities lifes in Communism Rumania. Niederungen & Drückunder Tango, portrays life in the village during the German occupation.

Out of all these female authors so far my favorites have been ; Pearl Buck, Gabriela Mistral, Elfriede Jelinek, Doris Lessing and Herta Müller.

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