Monday, 26 March 2012

It Makes Sense

Years ago I was relinquished for inter country adoption, I was only two days old. At the most;  not soon after, a couple in Sweden recieved information about a baby girl, that girl was me... they were asked if they would accept to become adoptive parents to that child. Naturally they agreed and it hadn't even gone two months until they recieved news about my arrival...

It was summer time and my prospective parents were about to leave on a camping trip, because it was their summer holidays... Instead they didn't go on a camping trip as planned they had to rush and buy all necessary things to prepare for my arrival.

My new parents raised me as if I was there own, I had nothing to complain about I know I was even spoiled especially as a young child... Maybe I still am at times... But even so my childhood was not easy, my teens was even worse . I never doubted for a second that my mum and dad loved me unconditionally, instead I doubted why my biological parents gave me up so easily.

I begun to think and talk about my first family when I was twelve and at mere 15 I decided it was time for me to try to relocate my birth parents and my older siblings, society however didn't understand but it didn't matter because my mum and dad supported me. At times they even seemed more anxious than I... I did recieve news that my mother and father still were alive and not only that they had been blessed with the longed for son. That news hurt quite a lot too be honest, this created an unexplained anger that I think I better can understand now...

I think it makes sense, 네, 아니요 ? I'm not saying that I'm angry at my Korean parents and not even my brother. Maybe I'm angry at the situation, not at any particular person...

More to come soon...

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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