Saturday, 24 March 2012


It's a bit tricky with the Internet, free access is a good thing yet there's the insecurity of not knowing who get access to your information... A few days ago I learned about two people who had had their identities stolen; one had been put as a membor off different business boards while the other had their personal things shared on a company website and ultimately her good reputation was hurt.

Because my name is really unique I've decided to make another blog in my real name, my name could be rare and I may be the only one who has it.. in the entire world. And yeah, I did also get a new twitter account...

There may also come changes to blog as well, I guess you never can be too careful... The off change that my Korean family finds this blog and reads it still pretty slim, although they do know more English than ordinary Koreans. But that's always pros and cons about everything and if I hadn't had this vare rare name I can say for sure that I probably would prefer being anonymous online.

If you like the new address please send me an email at tasteofkimchi(at)gmail[dot]com ^^

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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