Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Short Introduction

I am a Korean adoptee, I was born with jaundice and treated in hospital and relinquished for adoption when I was only an infant. I spent a couple of months in an orphanage and was adopted to Sweden when I was 2,5 months old. I was raised with a younger (adoptive) brother , so we're not really really related. But if you ask my parents they can verify that we thought just as real siblings would and yes, I love him as he is my real brother. The place were I grew up was a Caucasian neighbourhood, so there weren't many other KADs or even adoptees around. It meant that I stock out a bit while growing up and I was occassionally teased.

I decided to look for my first family at age 15, I was interested in finding my first parents and to know who I resembled if any. Yet I knew there would be a slight chance that my parents wouldn't be alive back then. But they were and I soon established contact with my siblings.

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