Friday, 16 March 2012

Himalaya Poems

As I begun reading the Nobel Prize Literature I after a while discovered that I do in fact like to read poetry as well as writing my own poems. I don't do that as often as I used to though, but happens... I was positively surprised once I learned about Korean poet Ko Un.
A Slower pace, a somewhat slower pace will do.Of a sudden should it start to rain, let yourself get soaked.An old friend the rain. One thing alone is beautiful; setting off.The world's to a waste, to live in a single place, or three or four.Walk on and on, until the sun sets, with your old accomplice, shadow, late as ever.If the day clouds over go on anyways, regardless.
  The Pilgrimage, Ko Un.

There are stories. There are people telling stories and people listening to them. The room is full of the breath of the stories . That is enough. 
Stories, Ko Un.

I  really enjoy reading any kind of poetry but so far Stories and The Pilgrimage by Ko Un have become two of my favorites.

© Taste of Kimchi, Elle

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