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Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I was one out of Henry VIII's two daughters, and her mother was the infamous Anne Boleyn Henry VIII's second wife. Unlike her halft sister Mary I, Elizabeth I didn't share her half sister's Catholic faith as Mary's mother was Catherine of Aragon, a Spanish Princess.

What's so remarkable about Elizabeth I is that she never choose to marrry although she may have contemplated it... Her half sister Mary I did marry Phillip of Spain in attempt to take power from her half sister perhaps. Furthermore Elizabeth'd reign become long lasting and people like Thomas Seymore and other people would play an important role for the Elizabethan culture.

She also managed to win over Spain when the Spanish armadda, tried to conquer Britain. She truely was a remarkable queen that seemed to have understood what it would have meant if she was to marry. A marriage for a royal person wasn't anything that would have been taken lightly and it would most likely have consequences that would affect the politics of that time. So maybe she was a clever queen in that way...

When Elizabeth I died in 1603 it marked the end of Tudor House reign of power over the English throne as Mary Queen of Scots and thus her cousin died , her son James I of Scotland became the new ruler over Great Britain as well.

I guess I consider her a rolemodel because she never married, in a time where it was expected of daughters to marry. Yet because she never married it meant that she never got an heir to royal throne, which made her distant relative the next monarch in the Tudor house.

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